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Activity Iceland

The Reykjanes peninsula has many interesting and beautiful places to explore, magical nature consisting of lava fields, a black sand beach, hot mud spring area and the famous bridge between two continents.

Reykjanesviti, is a lighthouse which was built in 1908 and the centre piece to some of the most active geothermal hotspot activities found in Iceland.

Gunnuhver, which is the largest hot mud spring in Iceland with a crater of 20 metres in circumference. There are two ramps that offer a great view of Gunnuhver and the surrounding geo-systems of steam vents and hot springs.

Karlinn (The Old Man) is a 50m high rock formation that has been widowed from his wife; another rock formation named, Kerlingin (The Old Woman) by weather and wind as she used to stand by his side, but has now been washed away.

Brennisteinfjöll (The Sulphur Mountains) where you can explore numerous caves, craters and lava fields which were formed from active volcanoes upon Icelandic settlement and the 19th century.

- Blue Lagoon
- Viking World
- Garðskagi folk museum
- Selatangar and Katlahraun
- Sudurnes Science and Learning Centre
- Duus hús Cultural Centre
- Hafnaberg, bird cliffs
- Bridge between continents

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